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HCD Flow Technology are excited to be appointed the New Zealand distributor for tapflo pumps.

Tapflo was founded in Kungälv (north of Gothenburg), Sweden in 1985 and has since been working with design and manufacture of  air operated diaphragm pumps. The product range has grown from a few plastic models to complete PE & PTFE, metal and sanitary series and lately also with complete ranges of centrifugal pumps.

Tapflo has now established sales offices in 23 countries and independent distributors in another 30 countries. Spare parts and pumps are available worldwide.

One of the real features of tapflo pumps is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. We have Tapflo demo cases at many of our branches.

HCD already have a wide range of pumps in PE, PTFE, Aluminium and stainless steel. We have already had the CEO of Tapflo, Häkan Ekstrand conduct initial product training sessions for some of our sales team. Tapflo have committed to visit again in March 2015 for further training and customer visit and presentations.

As is the case, with all HCD products, we are very confident that tapflo produce innovative, quality products. Find out more.



HCD Flow Technology has recently landed it’s first full container of Kanaflex Hose from Kanaflex Corporation, USA. HCD is initially concentrating on the well known and proven Kanaflex 180 AR abrasion resistant EPDM rubber hose and has introduced a range of banding coils and spiral clamps that compliment the hose and help ensure leakproof assemblies can be easily made on site.

Kanaflex manufactures PVC, rubber, urethane and polypropylene hoses of the highest quality. Each product series has been designed and tested to ensure outstanding service life and dependability in applications that conform to the required specifications.

Kanaflex Corporation operates manufacturing facilities in Vernon Hills, Illinois and Compton, California, and a distribution center in Houston, Texas. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kanaflex Corporation Japan. Kanaflex hose and pipe products are sold through a network of distributors and HCD Flow Technology is proud to be distributing their products in New Zealand.

Kanaflex hose is flexible, easy-to-handle, lightweight, and inherently durable. Kanaflex hose products continue to replace more expensive and harder-to-handle hoses for many of the industry's toughest jobs.

The Kanaflex range of products can be viewed on their website